Pottery Classes at the Studio

We are a Covid Safe Venue

We follow ALL NSW Health recommendations.

Do not attend if you or anyone in your household feels unwell, or you’re on the venues list.

We do not provide masks.


There are also general safety rules to follow in the studio:

- follow the signs as to where to wash clay hands

- always be curtious to fellow students and instructors, or you'll be asked to leave

- follow your intructors directions

- please don't touch other people's work

    Class Cancellations or rescheduling

    Classes are not refundable. You can reschedule your spot/s up to 48 hours before your class. We allow one reschedule per booking. You need to advise us by email  at info.glazegalleria@gmail.com with your booking details.

    We cannot offer make-up classes if you're doing 4, 6 or 8-week classes. You must be able to attend ALL class dates as listed and be about 10 minutes early.

    Classes may be rescheduled if the minimum number of students is not booked. The minimums are indicated for each class. In this case, students will be advised directly and given the opportunity to reschedule.

    If you feel unwell with cold or flu like symptoms, please do not attend a class. Email info.glazegalleria@gmail.com and we will make every effort to reschedule your class.

    What clay do you use?



    - Blackwattle School Clay

    - Blackwattle Natural Speckle Stoneware

    What temperature are pieces fired at?

    All the clays are first “bisque” fired at 980 c Stoneware glazeware is fired at 1260c.

    Are the pieces porous?

    Earthenware clay is still porous, like a terracotta pot. Glazed pieces do hold water. These pieces are more delicate than commercial grade dinnerware.

    Stoneware clay matures at higher temperatures and is more durable than earthenware; less porous and is made harder by vitreous (glass) material added to it for strength.

    It is denser than earthenware so resists scratching better.  

    Are the bowls food safe?

    Earthenware glazed pieces are safe but don't use if any cracks appear, as the clay is still be porous. They should not be used in a microwave, oven or dishwasher.

    Unglazed or glazed stoneware pieces are both food safe because the clay particles vitrify enough (they melt together enough) to form a waterproof surface. 

    Will the colours fade?


    How long does it take before I can pick up my pottery? If you’ve attended a class where we finish the pieces for you, it can take approximately 4 weeks to complete your pieces. This may be longer over holiday periods.
    Can adults attend Kids Classes? Yes, adults can book a spot in our Kids Classes. Creative Kids Vouchers can only be used for Kids spots.
    Do you offer studio memberships? Yes, you can book regular times to work at your own pace. Discounts applicable depending on how many sessions are booked
    What do I need to bring? Or not to bring?

    You will receive an email at the beginning of the week your class is booked to advise you about what to bring, eg an apron and for wheel classes, an old bath towel.

    Wheel classes are messy so best:

    • not to bring jewellery
    • tie back you hair if long
    • trim nails

    Additionally, for Clay & Sip Classes in the studio BYO drinks, eg wine, beer, etc and diet specific food. Glasses, cheese & crackers are provided.



    Photos & videos

    We do take photos & videos of students during classes to post on social media. Please let us know if you don’t wish to be included.

    You are welcome to also take photos and take videos.