Firing Service

Firing Service

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We bisque to 980 degrees and fire stoneware to 1260 degrees in an electric kiln fired for oxidation. Earthenware firings by special arrangement only.

You can drop off greenware for a bisque firing, then bring in your own glazes to use at the studio, ready for the final firing. We'll then call you to arrange to pick up (within days! It's a small studio).

Cost to fire is $15 per kilo (raw dry weight) for 1 x bisque and 1 x glaze firing, with a minimum fee of $50; payable in advance. Kiln internal kiln size is 560 H x 460 W x 45 D.

Additional costs for:

- use of studio glazes and/or studio @ $20 per hour

- if glaze drips onto a kiln shelf, there'll be a charge of $25 per drip to grind off the damage

Please call 0409 552 113 to organise a drop-off and pick up either on Mondays or Thursdays between 9 to 12 pm.

Some more details:

  • your work must be completely dry, ie not cold to touch, to avoid explosions in the kiln
  • your work must have your name carved onto each individual piece
  • you will need to supply your own setters, which sit under your pieces in the kiln to catch glaze drips, to minimise kiln shelf damage. These can be made in the studio from "Special K" clay and we have kiln wash to coat them with
  • only commercially available clays can be fired (no home-sourced clay)
  • no BRT or paper clays
  • small items, eg bead or jewellery will incur additional handling fees
  • hollow work must be pierced to allow steam to escape and not contain paper
  • we can every care but cannot be held responsible for breakages or miss-firings but accidents may happen
  • we are a small studio so cannot store boxes or packing materials in between firings
  • the turnaround is usually around 2-3 weeks; subject to change