Glaze Galleria opened in Drummoyne in May 2021 as a pottery studio and a gift shop, specialising in handmade ceramics. You can learn how to throw clay on the pottery wheel, learn to handbuild with clay, utilise our firing service or enjoy our Clay & Sip classes, in our Inner West studio. We also hold Clay Events at other sites and for corporate team building.
The gift shop offers ceramics by other artists, as well as soy wax candles.
Like many people, the pottery wheel and making ceramics was initially my way of tuning out for a while. Now I think about pots all the time! What should I make next? Should I carve it? What glaze to try? I truly love it!
Pottery is challenging, creative, functional, reusable and very satisfying. Clay therapy is real - clay making is mesmerising and takes focuses your mind. You end up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! You will learn to embrace all that is not perfect, just the best it can be.
The process does take quite a while. People are often surprised that it can take up to 4 weeks to complete a piece. It's worth it! Final pieces are unique! Clay takes a while to get to know - it’s all about being in the moment, learning new things and slowing down. This process gives you an experience you’ll always treasure.
See you in the studio soon.