Riviera Body Candle - EXCLUSIVE!
Riviera Body Candle - EXCLUSIVE!

Riviera Body Candle - EXCLUSIVE!

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Introducing the “Riviera Body Candle” - a bootylicious candle - designed exclusively for Glaze Galleria! This candle was inspired by a trip to Nice, France, back in 1989! Originally a cocktail ceramic cuo to mark our tour group’s arrival on the French Riviera (yes, it was an Insight tour!).

Many thanks to Paula @smeltywaxmelts for developing the mould and thoroughly testing different wicks so she burns beautifully.

The Riviera Body Candle also smells amazing with some of my favourite scents - Peony Fern, Japanese Honeysuckle and Italian Coast. She’s hand-poured with 350 grams of soy-blend wax, has 2 wicks and should burn for an average of 5 hours. Or, you can just admire her, of course!

Stocks are limited.

Ceramic plate available separately.